Business leadership coaching for sustainable results.

Would you like to navigate calmly and wisely" even through turbulent situations" really connecting with people to expand your impact and create lasting change?

If so, it"s time to focus on real shifts " instead of quick fixes.

Executives today are bombarded with tips and techniques from books and seminars on how to deal with their professional relationships, the pressures of work-life balance, performance overwhelm, and the isolation of being near the top.

Yet, of the $109 billion1 spent annually on development and training in the U.S., Business Week says,

"Studies show that the benefits of seminar-heavy schooling usually vanish within a few months."

Training Magazine goes on to estimate that 50% is "utterly wasted."

Why do we find the promise of easy solutions so appealing? Because change is difficult and painful! In fact, the latest advances in neuroscience research prove it, explaining why many organizational change initiatives fall flat.

Now a new kind of leadership learning has emerged to help leaders deal with the concerns they face, and still produce lasting change. There is a better way " and you"ve just discovered it!

"My leadership team has gained the courage to overcome their limitations and our conversations have become more honest, focused, and productive."

- Bill W

The Key to Sustainable Results

Welcome to Inspired Leadership Now! an executive and leadership coaching company dedicated to helping you expand your leadership impact and versatility, while producing extraordinary and sustainable results.

Thanks to a cutting-edge approach to change developed by founder Scott Blessing, leaders can narrow the gap between the impact they currently have and the impact they want to have. This unique and powerful Promise-Based Leadership Process" integrates powerful coaching methodologies, customized practices and a grounded body of knowledge from many disciplines, enabling you to transform the hidden reactive patterns that can limit your impact in a leadership role. The work starts by exploring powerful new possibilities for you and your organization then leads to extraordinary and tangible outcomes in many areas of your life.

Leaders we coach report that they now accomplish what they previously considered to be difficult, or even impossible. With Inspired Leadership Now, you can experience similar successes to these:

  • "I have begun communicating in a way that makes people love working with me."

  • "Navigating calmly and wisely through turbulent situations is a powerful feeling."

  • "Become the kind of leader people rave about is a wonderful by- product of this work."

  • "Transforming distrust into cooperation like this has created a sense of calm in our organization"

  • "I"ve broken through what had been blocking me all this time from getting what I want."

  • "Uncovering my core limiting beliefs helped me eliminate what kept me playing small."

  • "I am much more skilled at changing my thoughts and emotional responses, and now produce results I thought were impossible."

  • "With this new self-awareness, I"m acting more from my heart, which inspires collaboration and creativity."

"When I came to Scott
I was viewed as a trusted friend but not a trusted leader. As I learned to harness my energy in a more powerful way, my sales force began seeing me as a trusted leader, and I was able to move the company forward by putting my vision into action."

- John L

Through our powerful executive and leadership coaching and development programs, our clients transform their ability to see new possibilities and develop as dynamic, confident and empowered leaders. That"s why our clients include Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, high potential professionals and prestigious universities throughout the United States.

To learn more, start with our FREE executive and leadership coaching consultation and experience for yourself Inspired Leadership Now.

1 Source: The American Society for Training and Development




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